How to Choose Wood Stains: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know wood stain goes through a curation process and becomes safe for homeowners to use? This process means wood stain isn’t toxic and won’t cause harm to the user. 

When you’re staining a piece of wood, the last thing on your mind is the possible toxicity. Your first thought is likely how to choose wood stains and how to choose the right color. 

There are many wood stain color options for homeowners to choose from. Keep reading to learn how to choose wood stains and everything you need to know. 

Stain Color Options 

With so many stain color options to choose from, it’s difficult to pick the best one. That’s why many online stores offer color samples to help you choose. If the store you’re shopping at doesn’t offer samples right away, ask for one.


Wood looks nice outside and inside your home, so many homeowners like to preserve it. Applying stain to your household wood items offers some layer of protection.

Applying stain to wood gives it a great look and appeal to visitors. Consider what stain color options there are available to you, and choose the best one for your wood’s color. 

The stain light source is one of the most important things to consider when staining your wood. Take into account the location of the wood you’re staining, is it inside or outside? Artificial light makes stain look different than natural sunlight. 

If you’re on a tight budget, there are many ways you can find the best, cost-effective stains. Consider looking online for wood stain color options as some online stores offer discounts. 

Different Types of Wood Stain

The first type of stain you should know about is sealer stains. Some wood stain products contain sealant right in the mix. This allows you to color and seal the wood in one simple step. 

A varnish stain is a type of stain that doesn’t include pigmentation. The ingredients used in varnish stains are like oil paints. Homeowners can expect varnish stain to harden gradually as it cures. 

If you’re searching for stains for wood flooring try a non-grain-raising stain. This type of stain works best with hardwood, and it looks great on hardwood floors. You can also find water-based stains and pigmented, oil stains. 

How to Choose Wood Stains 

There are many considerations to take into account when you choose wood stains for your home. Likewise, there are many stain color options, so there’s plenty for you to choose from. Most services offer color samples, so you can take samples home and see if they match your decor. 

Consider stain light sources and how outdoor and indoor light affects the color of a stain. If you’re on a budget, there are many cost-effective stains for you to choose from, too. 

Applying wood stain is like applying a coat of paint. But, always remember stains work differently than paint. To learn more about stains and dyes, visit our website.