Professional Painting Products

Decorative paints

Special Effect decorative paints for interior and exterior walls.

Stains &

Stains and Dyes Mas Paints
Range of dyestuff to be used with aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.

Polyurethane paints

MAS Paint Pail

A two component lacquer that offers a tough and durable coating for indoor wood furniture and special grade for outdoor applications.

Epoxy based paints

MAS Paint Pail

Range of solvent-based and solvent-free paints for concrete, steel and other industrial applications.




MAS Paints Thinner

A blend of organic solvents formulated to reduce the viscosity of various lacquer. It provides a faster/slower drying and effect for specific usage.

Colouring & Toners

MAS Paint Pail

Colorants based on selected color paste in aqueous solution for decorative paint system.

Self drying alkyd enamels

MAS Paint Pail

An oil-based paint which dry both chemically and physically and are generally used for indoor and outdoor.


MAS Paint Pail

A clear and pigmented intumescent lacquer to reduce the reaction to fire of wood in Anti-fire system.


MAS Paint Pail

A one-pack lacquer which dry with the aid of nitrocellulose for indoor wood application.

Polyester based

MAS Paint Pail

Based on UPE Resins hardened by the help of Accelerator and Catalyst that provides a glass-like finish after polishing.

General & Speciality products

MAS Paint Pail

Surface preparation products

MAS Paint Pail

A range of product to be used as preparatory and intermediate coat prior to the application of specific end coat.

UV curing based paints

MAS Paint Pail

UV curable paint that provide fast curing with excellent hardness and good abrasion.

Water based wood paints

MAS Paint Pail

A self-crosslinking, surfactant free acrylic dispersion lacquer in aqueous solution for wood application. A special grade 2K for parquet floors.

Acid Curing Paints

MAS Paint Pail

Amino-cured varnish with outstanding film hardness for wooden furniture.

Acrylic based paints


MAS Paint Pail

Regarded as a special 2- pack lacquer based on acrylic polyol and aliphatic isocyanates for excellent resistance to yellowing for external application.

Latex emulsion based products

MAS Paint Pail

Water-based decorative paints for walls and ceilings in masonry coating system.

Precatalyzed paint




MAS Paint Pail

One-pack lacquer which dry both chemically and physically for internal wood and furniture applications.

Our Products

High-Quality Paints Since 1990

Adding textures and decorative effects to give our clients the power to transform walls into works of art. These values have enabled MAS Paints to establish our brand as one of the top companies worldwide in the paint manufacturing industry, in both wood and decorative paints. The quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to the careful selection of high-quality raw materials from Italy and Europe, experienced staff and cutting-edge technology, to help customize, both interior and exterior, your home however you see fit.