University Workshops & Lectures

Decomas Design Studio provides professional services for decorative wall applications, both in traditional and in creative decorative techniques. It is recognized for outstanding finishes and has delivered spectacular projects. Decomas are engaged in creating multi-layer textures and decorative coatings which are used for the decoration of ceilings, walls, columns and all other elements of the client’s vision.
With a long history of traditional Italian paints, modern techniques and old-fashioned skills, some of the most fantastic finishes can be brought back to life for generations to come. Our team of experts can help you decide what options work best for your projects. Make the best use of our materials for your projects with application from specialists with refined individual skills and the ultimate expression of Italian craftsmanship and quality.


  • Company Introduction
  • Visual presentation of our brand, our products and our projects
  • Discussion
  • A QnA session to get answers to any specific inquiries


  • Demonstration – Application of Paints

  • The application of one or two of our paints will be demonstrated by the Decomas team

  • Exercise

  • An exercise in designing and mixing paints and application onto paper. Students have the opportunity to mix the paints and design their own colours and patterns

  • Presentation of Work

  • The work produced is displayed by the students and we choose 3 designs we believe show potential

  • Certificates

  • Certificates presented to the students

  • Contact MAS if you would like any further information