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exterior wood stain

EXTERIOR WOOD STAIN is a range of concentrated dyestuff and stains dispersed in suitable solvents (turpentine) to emphasize their colouristic effect. Exterior stains come to many different colours to choose from, and they are transparent and display the details of woods.


Colours & Material Samples

Wood Stains & Dyes
EXTERIOR WOOD STAIN are used most exclusively to all types of wood, plywood, and solid woods and they are designed to use for outdoor furniture.

Appearance – Coloured Liquid

Sp. Weight – 1.00 Kg/L

Flash Point – 23ºC

Shelf – Unlimited

200100 – Light Oak
20020 – Natural Oak
20030 – Medium Oak
20040 – Oregon Pine
20050 – Chestnut Grove
20060 – Walnut
20070 – Teak
20080 – Dark Oak
20090 – Wild Cherry

Exterior Wood Stains are incompatible with some solvents therefore use our recommended solvents. Each stain is ready for use and can be mix with others to be obtained different shades of colours.

Prepare well the wood to be stained apply wood stains by spraying, dipping, brushing and scrubbing with cotton waste. Let it dry for 6-8 hrs. and proceed to the next stage. The advantage in the use of EXTERIOR WOOD STAIN is the repeatability in spraying and scrubbing without any problem of patches of colours. EXTERIOR WOOD STAIN must be protected with a suitable varnish to maintain the required colour.

Veneer and solid woods stained dries in a couple of hours depending on the temperature condition.