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Committed to Quality Since 1990

MAS Paints was founded by the Al-Atrash family, in Saudi Arabia in 1990, to manufacture wood paints and finishes. The company started manufacturing paint in Italy and in 1994 established the MAS Paint and Chemical Industries factory in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai.
Within a few years, MAS Paints had become the standard in the world of paints. In order to deal with the growing demand in the local and global market, the company moved to a bigger facility located in the Sharjah Industrial Area.
With our growing range of wood and decorative paints, we are able to meet the specific demands of our clients and we have positioned MAS at the forefront of the wood and decorative paint industry.

We promote MAS locally and globally while maintaining dynamic progression in the industry, embracing the highest standards and providing mutual co-operation between the manufacturer and our customers.
Service and quality remain our top priority regardless of the size of the project. We take great pride in our work and provide a unique warranty on all decorative textured paints we apply.
As a proud industry partner of the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers and (APID) the Association of Professional Interior Designers, the belief of the management and our quality and commitment made MAS Paints a ‘2000 certified company.

Our mission

Colours are the key

Our mission is to support your vision, by bringing your ideal home to life.
Providing the colour palette, that goes beyond just colour, encapsulating elegance, style and a splash of creativity.

The founders

The Al-Atrash brothers

The Al-Atrash brothers, Marwan, Osama and Mustafa, have always aimed to be different by offering a product that is supremely competitive in the market. It might seem readily achievable to many but it is not as easy as it seems. They have worked together over the years, through trials, research and, most importantly, market knowledge with masterful design features. They are pioneers in the paint manufacturing and supply industry and are very proud to have served MAS clients efficiently over the last 30 years.

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MAS in Numbers

Years of experience



Together to win

MAS Team

MAS Paints have a staff of 200+ people From different countries, cultures and faiths. We organize for them each month a social gathering in a place of their choice so they can have fun and enjoy the event all together.


Marwan Al Atrash



Abdullah Al Atrash

Vice Manager Director



Renato Alfonso

General Manager


Marwan Khorzom

Marwan Khorzom

Technical Manager


Ahmed Marzouk

Ahmed Marzouk

Sales Manager


Nasir Adhikari

Nasir Adhikari

Chief Accountant



Mohammad Khadeer

Purchase Manager



Saad Al Atrash

Representative Agent in KSA


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MAS understands that choosing the perfect wall and ceiling finish for your home or project can take a lot of time and thought. Specific requirements may need to be met and taken into consideration.

Our showroom experts can help make your decisions a little easier!