uv curing paints


UVISEAL #4200 is a UV radiation dual curable, non-yellowing sanding sealer based on modified acrylic. It provides fast curing; good sanding ability, excellent adhesion and high build film coat. It has very good chemical and mechanical property.
It is best recommended to be used as basecoat for high quality furniture, plywood, veneers, solid woods and flooring panels, etc.
  • Immediate stacking ability.
  • Excellent wearing property of the wood.
  • Fast curing.
  • Very good sand ability.
  • Long pot-life.

Appearance – Transparent

Specific Gravity – 1.00 kg/L

Viscosity FC # 4 – 40 sec.

Solid Content – 50%

Coating Rate – 80 – 90 gm/m2

Spraying Speed – 3 – 5 m/min.

Flash Off Time – 5 – 7 min.

Curing – 1 – 2 lamps

Mercury Distance – 15 cm, 80W

Application Condition – Air Temperature 5ºC min. – Relative Humidity 85% max

Application Method – Spray Coating

Dilution Ratio – 5 – 10%

Thinner – PU Thinner #405

  • Substrate should be free from contaminant such as oil and dust etc.
  •  The moisture content of timber should be kept below 15%.
  • If the surface is to be treated with stain, ensure that the light fastness is stable to avoid any patches of colour.
  • If the stain is to apply with a blend of water, it is advisable to let it dry for more than 4 hrs. and ensure that the humidity content is less than tolerable.
  • The substrate with a deep grain and require a close pore must be coated 2 or 3 times but it is imperative to sand each coat with a manual or heave duty sanding machine to have a better anchorage.