TURPENTINE is a clear, colourless hydrocarbon liquid.

Keep the container tightly closed. Shelf life is unlimited in close container. Keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat or ignition; do not smoke in storage areas.
TURPENTINE contains flammable solvent. Always use protective gloves and eye goggles when handling this product. It is highly recommended to provide proper ventilation on working area. If contact with skin or splash in eyes, wash with fresh water and seek medical advice.
TURPENTINE is recommended for synthetic enamel and for air-drying varnishes and lacquers.

Appearance – Clear Liquid

Specific Gravity – ASTM D 3505 – 0.78 Kg/L

Colour (Say bolt) – ASTM D 1209 – +30

Initial Boiling Point – ASTM D 850 – 1300C

Copper Corrosion – ASTM D 849 – none

Non-aromatics – ASTM D 2360 – >80%

Flash Points (Abel) – IP 170 – +30°C