woodshield 6000

WOODSHIELD 6000 is a deep penetrating varnish based on modified alkyd resin developed to protect, preserve and decorate wooden surfaces. It has a good colour retention, weather resistance and emphasizes the grain, bringing out the natural beauty of any kind of wood. It has special additive to protect the wood against fungus, moulds and insects.

Ideal to use for exterior and interior for all types of woods, hardwoods, joinery, clipboards. It can also be used on untreated wood and previously treated woods.

Colour – Clear and Tinted

Gloss – Satin

Specific Gravity – 0.900

Flash Point – 40°C

%Solid Content – 30 approx.

Dft. – 30 microns

Coverage – 8 – 10 m2/L,
(Depending on the porosity of the surface)

Surface dry – 30 min.

Over-coating – 30 min.

Method of Application – By Brush, Spray, Dipping

Mixing Ratio – Single Pack

Thinner /Cleaner – Thinner #155

Surface must be clean, dry and free from dirt, oil, grease and other foreign matters. If detergent is used for cleaning, rinse with fresh water.
The temperature of the substrate should be in 5°C, above the dew point. Avoid painting on direct sunlight.
Sand the surface until wood is smooth and no silvers or rough edges remain. Ensure that all nails are deep enough to apply corresponding putty. Dust off surfaces completely then wipe with a clean rug.


Interior/ Exterior
WOODSHIELD 6000 1 – 2 coats