marmorino bond primer

MAS BOND PRIMER is a blend of water dispersable polymer and vinyl acrylic basecoat with selected fine aggregates. It has good flow and good penetration on different surfaces. It is a new generation of coating that gives unmatched and long-lasting maintenance-free protection for buildings. It combines both adhesion and alkali- resistant properties. Its serves as a tie-coat in the application of MARMORINO and special effect texture coatings due to its good bonding strength.
For use on exterior and interior surfaces, like plaster, stucco filler, gypsum boards, concrete and asbestos cement sheeting.

Colour – White

Volume Solids – 75%

Specific Gravity – 1.50 +/- 0.5kg/L

Coverage – 5 – 7 m2/L

Drying Time – @ 25ºC 45 min. – @ 25ºC 30 min.

Recoating – 6 – 8 hours

Diluent – Water

Application Method – By brush, roller and airless spray.

The surface to be primed should be free from any contaminants like oil and other foreign matters. If the surface needs to be prepared before painting, PVA WALL FILLER is recommended to even up the surface prior to the application of primer and desired topcoats.


Marmorino Bond Primer – 1 coat
Marmorino – 2 coats