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wood stain

WOOD STAINS are a blend of concentrated dyestuff and universal strainers dispersed in suitable binder and solvents to emphasize their colouristic effect. Wood stains are ready to use materials and comes to many different colours to choose from, they are fully transparent and display the details of woods.


Colours & Material Samples

Wood Stains & Dyes
WOOD STAINS are used almost exclusively for all types of wood, plywood and especially for veneers.

Appearance – Coloured Liquid

Flash Point – 20 0C

Specific Weight – 0.90 kg/L

Coverage/Coat – 10 – 12 m2/L (Depending on the shade of colour required)

Storage Life – Unlimited in a cool room

Application – By brush, roller, spray, dipping, manual

Wood stains are incompatible with some solvents, therefore use our recommended solvents. Each wood stains are ready to obtain a different shade of colour.

Prepare well the wood to be stained, apply wood stains by spraying, dipping, brushing and scrubbing with cotton waste. Let it dry to 1 – 2 hours and proceed to the next stage.

Veneer and solid woods dry in half an hour depending on the temperature condition.