stains and dyes

dyed #12074/s

DYED #12074/S is a white pigmented concentrated dyestuff dispersed in suitable solvent, suitable to use for no-aqueous material. It is designed to give a colouristic effect that does not interfere with polyester and sealer. It provides an opaque white and displays the natural design of veneers and the likes.

DYED #12074/S can be applied over natural or synthetic wood, for required colour and appearance. It can be mixed with PU or NC clear coatings and can be blend with other Concentrated Dyes to achieve different transparent colour paints.

Appearance – White

Flash Point – 250C

Specific Weight – 1/L

VOC – 855 g/L

Dilution – Thinner

Coverage/Coat – 10-12 m2/L
(depending on the shades of colour required)

At room temperature, veneers and wood alike is drying in 6 – 8 hours when mix with solvent.