Stains & Dyes

concentrated dyes

CONCENTRATED DYES are a range of concentrated dyestuff dispersed in suitable solvent, suitable to use for aqueous and non-aqueous material. It is designed to give a coloristic effect that does not interfere with polyester and sealer. It provides a great transparency and displays the natural design of veneers and the likes.

CONCENTRATED DYES can be applied over natural or synthetic wood, for required colour and appearance. It can be mixed with PU or NC clear coatings and can achieve different transparent colour paints.

15060 Green
15061 Turquoise
15062 Brown
15063 Black
15064 Lemon Yellow (Dark)
15065 Red
15066 Yellow Gold
15067 Violet
15068 Orange
15069 Rubino
15070 Blue
15074 Lemon Yellow (Light)
15740 Mahogany
15750 Oak
15760 Walnut
15770 Teak
15780 Red Mahogany
15850 Rose Wood
15890 Cherry



Appearance – Coloured Liquid

Flash Point – 250C

Specific Weight – 0.950 g/L

Coverage/Coat – 10 – 12 m2/L
(Depending on the shade of colour required)