urethane oil varnish

URETHANE OIL VARNISH is a clear gloss varnish based on urethane alkyd resin developed for interior and exterior wooden surfaces. It has a good weather resistance, easy to apply and durable finish with food scratch resistance.

Ideal for all types of woods, hardwoods and wood panels. It can also be used in untreated wood and previously treated woods. It is designed to be used over wood floors as finish of for repairing.

Colour – Clear and Tinted

Gloss – Matt/Semi-gloss/Gloss

Specific Gravity – 0.95

Flash Point – 400C

%Solid Content – 45 approx.

Dft. – 30 microns

Coverage – 14 – 16 m2/L

Method of Application – By Brush, Spray

Mixing Ratio – Single Pack

Thinner /Cleaner – Thinner #155

Surface must be clean, dry and free from dirt, oil, grease and other foreign matters. If detergent is used for cleaning, rinse with fresh water.
Apply generously by brush. To obtain a smoother finish, sand gently with fine sand paper and apply another coat of Urethane Oil Varnish.

Touch dry @ 25°C – 5 hrs.

Hard dry @ 25°C – 5 hrs.

Recoating time @ 25°C – 8 – 12 hrs.


Wood Stain 1 coat

Urethane Oil Varnish 2 coats


Wood Preservative – 1 coat

Urethane Oil Varnish – 1 coat