quick drying enamel

QUICK DRYING ENAMEL is based on a combination of styrene-modified alkyd resin and special synthetic resins with selected pigments.

As a general purpose of QUICK DRYING ENAMEL on steel structures. This quick drying enamel provides fast drying and good hold out properties.

Prolongs the life span of steel

Protects the formation of fungus

Compatible to oil – based primers and topcoats

Colour – RAL & NCS

Gloss – High Gloss

Flash Point – 230C

Volume Solids – 50% + / -2

Specific Gravity – 1.0 – 1.2

Dft. – 32 – 37 microns

Coverage – 12 – 14 m2/L


Nozzle Orifice – 0.43 – 0.48 mm

Nozzle Pressure – 1700 – 2100 psi

Thinner /Dilution – Thinner #255

Application Condition – Temp. of the substrate should be min. 30C.

New Steel/ Shop Primed:
Abrasive blasting to minimum Sa 2 ½, if sandblasting is not possible, power tool cleaning or wire brushing is recommended to minor touch-up. All damaged primers and contamination should be removed and thoroughly cleaned prior to final painting. Apply Quick Drying Primer before application of QUICK DRYING ENAMEL.

Remove oil, grease and other contaminants prior to final top coating.

Drying Time:
The drying time evaluated according to ASTM D 1640 at room temperature. However, the drying time varies on the film thickness, number of coats and temperature.

Dry hard @ 250C – 25 – 30 min.

Dry to touch @ 250C – 10 – 15 min.

Dry to recoat @ 250C – 30 min.

Quick Drying Primer – 1 coat

Quick Drying Enamel – 1 coat