polyurethane paints

pu sanding sealer #1350

PU SANDING SEALER #1350 is a polyurethane sealer based on saturated polyesters. Two-component materials with very high covering property, elasticity, and sanding characteristics. Because of the excellent quality of raw materials, it does give a covering film of great transparency, very high solid and requires a minimum of coats.

As a general purpose sealer of furniture, office tables, shelves, turned pieces, cabinets, and all wood works.
Appearance – Opalescent
Specific Gravity – 1.0 kg/L
Viscosity (25ºC) – 110” FC # 4
Flash Point – 25ºC
Non-Volatile (Wt.%) – Base 50.0
Catalyst – 27.5
Application condition – Air temperature 5 – 35ºC, Relative Humidity 85% max.
Application Method – Conventional, Auto Spray, Curtain Coater
Recommended Catalyst – Catalyst #034
Thinner – Thinner #105
Mixing Ratio – Base 100, Cat. 50
Thinner – 30-35
VOC – 630 g/L
Pot Life (25ºC) – 3 – 4 hrs.
Drying Time @ 25ºC – Dust-free 10 – 15 min., To Touch 35 – 45 min., Recoat 2 – 3 hrs., Hard Dry 24- 36 hrs., Sandable 1 – 2 hrs.
Coverage – 6 – 8 m2/L (90-120gms/m2)
Recoating – Minimum of 30 min. to a maximum of 3 hrs. Sanding with 240 grit sandpaper is recommended prior to the application of the subsequent coating
Prepare the surface to be painted with a manual or automatic sanding machine. Ensure that the surface to be coated is free from oil, grease and other contaminants.
Apply the required dyes or stain (optional).
Apply 1-2 coat of PU Sanding Sealer #1350 with catalyst, vertically and horizontally.
After the primed coat gets dried, sand it with medium sandpaper up to the extent not to damage the substrate.
If required, apply wood putty transparent on nails, cracks and joints.
To achieve a smooth and perfect finish apply 1-2 coats of PU Sanding Sealer #1350 prior to the final application of 1-2 coats of PU Lacquer.