Polyurethane paints

PU floorcoat

PU FLOORCOAT is a two component polyurethane material based on hydroxylated polyester resin. It is formulated to give a maximum durability, thanks to the high quality of raw materials. Furthermore, PU FLOORCOAT is resistant to both extreme weather with no-yellowing effect, resistant to abrasion and provides a very smooth finish.
For use on exterior and interior surfaces like car refinishing coatings, aeronautic protective coating, paints for railway carriage and outdoor applications in an epoxy system.

Appearance – Clear – Pigmented

Solid Content (A+B) – 50% – 55%

Specific Weight – 1.0 – 1.25

Mixing Ratio 1:1 – 2:1

Catalyst – 126

Thinner – 105 / 205

Gloss 600 – Gloss/Semigloss

Pot Life – 6 hours

Coverage – 5 – 7 m2/L

Dft – 75 – 100 microns

Application Method – Brush, Roller, Airless or Conventional Spray

Nozzle Orifice – 2 – 3 mm
Nozzle Pressure – 43 – 57 psi
Dilution – 5 – 10%

Nozzle Orifice – 0.38 – 0.46 mm
Nozzle Pressure – 1138 – 1710 psi.
Dilution – 0 – 5%

Application Condition: Temperature of the substrate should be min 50C.

The substrate must be dry, free from oil, grease and other contaminants. Substrate must be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of final coating.

After the surface preparation, apply Epoxy Basecoat at a rate of 50-75 microns dry film thickness, estimate 5-6 square meter per litre. Immediately broadcast anti slip quarts.
Following cure, approximately 3-4 hrs. remove excess aggregate with aggressive broom and vacuum procedure.
Apply PU FLOORCOAT at a rate of 75-100 microns and allow to cure for 24-36 hrs. prior to traffic.

Note: For increase skidding resistance on steep or helix ramp, other aggregates may be used in addition to anti slip quarts. Coarser quarts will result in increased dirt retention.