Nitrocellulose based paints

NC Matt #022 White

NC MATT #022 WHITE is a pigmented topcoat based on nitrocellulose, modified alkyd and selected pigments and extenders. It is developed to give a great hardness, high elasticity and resistance, excellent covering and smooth finish. Surface coated with NC MATT #022 WHITE has good resistance to water and it is sufficiently rub-resistant.

Keep material in a cool place below 25°C. Keep the container tightly closed. Shelf life of 12 months minimum.

NC MATT #022 WHITE does not contain dangerous solvents, nevertheless, good ventilation in working rooms is recommended as well as the use if safety tools and equipment. NC MATT #022 WHITE is flammable and harmful if swallowed. If contact with eyes or skin occurs, wash well with fresh water and seek immediate medical advice.
Furniture in general, chairs, turned pieces, picture mouldings, cabinet, doors etc.

Appearance – Liquid, Opaque White

Sp. Weight – 0.980 kg

Flash Point – 21°C

Solid by Weight – 39%

Solid by Volume – 30%

Viscosity – 20 – 30 poise

Coverage – 7 – 8 m ²/L Dft.

Gloss – 8 – 16%

By spraying (2, 5-5, 6 atm)/brushing

  • Suitable for wood undercoated with nitro, polyurethane, polyester primer.
  • For all prepared woods; 1 – 2 coats of N.C. Matt #032 Clear thinned down with 60 – 100% C. Thinner.
  • Let it dry for sand with fine sand paper by manual sanding or automatic sanding machine.
  • Repeat the top coating process vertically and horizontally for a good satin finish.


Drying Time

Dust Free – 10 – 15 minute

Set to Touch – 20 – 30 minutes

Hard Dry – 3 hours

Piling Up – 24 hours