Nitrocellulose based paints

NC Crackled

N.C. CRACKLED is a solution based on nitrocellulose, modified alkyd resins and selected fillers. It is developed to give a dramatic cracking effect onto the surface and it displays a very unique and antique and leather design.

Keep material in a cool place below 25°C. Keep the container tightly closed. Shelf life of 12 months minimum.
NC CRACKLED does not contain dangerous solvents, nevertheless, good ventilation in working rooms is recommended as well as the use if safety tools and equipment. NC CRACKLED is flammable and harmful if swallowed. If contact with eyes or skin occurs, wash well with fresh water and seek immediate medical advice.
For furniture’s in general, cabinet, drawers, picture frame, chairs and turned pieces.

Appearance – Clear/White
Sp. Weight – 0.95 – 1.1 kg
Flash Point – 21°C
Coverage – 6 – 10 m²/L (Variable)
Volume Solids – 37

Drying time

Dust Free – 5 – 10 minute
Set to Touch – 20 – 30 minutes
Recoat – 2 – 3 hours
Piling Up – 24 hours

By spraying (2 – 3 BAR)

  • The surface to be top coated with N.C Crackled should be undercoated with NC polyurethane or polyester primer.
  • To a well – prepared surface, apply 1 coat of N.C Gloss (any choice of colour) and let it dry for an hour.
  • Apply uniformly N.C. Crackled in a single stroke process. The greater the amount of N.C Crackled, the bigger the cracking effect is.
  • Apply one more coat of N.C. Clear gloss or N.C. Clear Matt on the top of N.C. Crackled effect as protective coat.
  • By varying the colour of undercoat and by adding colour paste or selected pearl powder to N.C. Crackled variety of colour and pattern of coloured crackled effect can be achieved.
  • Leather effect can be obtained by applying NC or PU Sealer Clear on MDF. Sand and apply 1 coat of NC Gloss Clear and let it dry for a couple of minutes and apply uniformly NC Crackled Clear (tinted to imitate natural colour or leather.)