Latex emulsion based products

mas acrylic primer white

MAS ACRYLIC PRIMER is an acrylic copolymer undercoat. It has good glow and good penetration in different surfaces.
For use an exterior and interior surfaces, like plaster, stucco filler, gypsum boards, concrete and asbestos cement sheeting. It is a new generation of coating that gives unmatched and long lasting maintenance free protection for all buildings. It combines both elasticity and breathing properties. While allowing moisture to escape from inside, it prevents penetration of waste and carbon dioxide from outside.

Appearance – White

% Solid (v) 32

Specific Weight – 1.35 kg/L

Flash Point >650C

Coverage – 8 – 10 m2/L

Touch Dry –  60 min.

Recoat  2 – 3 hrs.

Over-coating Interval
minimum 12 hrs.
maximum No Limitation

Application Method – Brush, Airless Spray, Roller

Dilution – Ma. 5% water

Airless Spray Data

Pressure 140 – 190 kg/m2

Nozzle Tip 0.021” – 0.027”

Spray Angle 65 – 80

Substrate must be clean and free from any contamination.
The wood must not contain more than 17% moisture and must be sanded properly.
After priming, substrate imperfection can be repaired by MAS PVA WALL FILLER to evened up the surface prior to the application of desired topcoats.

MAS AR Primer 1 coat
MAS Acrylic Primer 1 coat
PVA Wall Filler 2 coats
Mastic Royal Silk/ Eggshell 2 coats
Emulsion Topcoat 2 coats

MAS Acrylic Primer 1 coat
Mastex Medium SP 1 coat
Durashield/Masdur 2 coats