finetex rt

FINETEX RT is a high quality finish based on a special acrylic resin with selected aggregates filler creating a decorative finish on the surface. The product enables a thick coating to be created, capable of providing classic style decoration and protecting the surface against alkaline aggressiveness without cracking due to its flexible properties.
For interior and exterior decoration on surface made up with mortar of cement, plain concrete, reinforced concrete and on any cement-based plaster in general. It can be top coated with our range of decorative finishes.

Colour – White

Gloss – Matt

Specific Gravity – 1.6 +/- 0.1

pH – 8 – 9

Viscosity – 250 poises

Solid Content – 77% by weight

Coverage – 2 – 4 m2/L

Touch Dry – 2 – 3 hrs.

Dry to recoat – 24 hrs.

Shelf Life – 12 months

VOC Content – 50 grams/L

Application – By spatula, trowel, marine sponge, decorative roller

Thinning/Cleaning – Water

New Substrates:
Substrate must be dry and free from any form of contaminants.
Application of 1 coat of MAS Masonry Primer White to reach an optimal hiding prior to the application of MAS FINETEX RT.

Old Concrete (Previously Painted):
Remove all blistered, cracked and peeled off paint from the surface.
Penetrated paint must be cleared and treated with 3% ammonia and water.
Glossy finish coat must be sanded.
Apply 1 coat of Masonry AR Primer and application of MAS Masonry Primer White for an optimal hiding.

Air temperature: min. +5°C/ mas. +35°C. Relative humidity of the air: <80%. Avoid applying the product when there is condensation on the surface, or in direct sunlight. Product is ready to use , if dilution is required, max. 5% of potable water.