Duratex medium

DURATEX MEDIUM is a high quality medium textured finish based on a pure acrylic latex and selected aggregates.
For interior and exterior protection and decoration.

Alkaline resistant.

Water vapour permeable.

Good weather resistance.

Scrub resistance.

Good adhesion, abrasion.

Various texture patterns.

Easy to apply.

Appearance – Pasty

Colour – As per colour card

Gloss – Matt

Specific Gravity – 1.6 kg/L

Solid content – 67% by volume

Coverage – 2 – 4 m2/L

Touch dry – 3 hrs.

Dry to recoat – 24 hrs.

Shelf life – 12 months

Flash point – >65°C

Application – Roller, Spray

Thinner/Cleaning – Water

New Substrates:
Substrate must be free from any form of contaminants.
Apply 1-2 coats of MAS Acrylic Primer into the substrate. For gypsum and powdery surface apply 1 coat of MAS Masonry AR Primer.
Application of Mascryl to reach an optimal hiding prior to the application of DURATEX MEDIUM is an option.

Old Concrete (Previously Painted):
Remove all blistered, cracked and peeled off paint from the surface.
Penetrated paint must be cleared and treated with 3% ammonia and water.
Glossy finish coat must be sanded.
Apply 1 coat of Masonry AR Primer and application of Acrylic Primer White for an optimal hiding.

Recommended Thinner – Sweet Water
Volume of Thinner – Approx. 5%
Cleaning – Water

Sputter Coat
Recommended Thinner – Sweet Water
Volume of Thinner – 0 – 5%
Nozzle Orifice – 4.0 mm