R450 is a two component anti-fire intumescent polyurethane paint in the following versions:
R 450Base (2:1) Clear Basecoat
R 450Top (1:1) Clear Basecoat

R 450 is an anti-fire treatment for wall or ceiling panels in wood (match boarding, furniture, and furnishing), GRP and other surfaces. Apart from being excellent anti-fire product, R 450 paint also provides excellent resistance to chemical agents, it is elastic and offers optimal thermal stability. It can also be used on old objects previously painted with other products, even if not anti-fire, as long as the two products are compatible to each other.

R – 450
Colour – Clear
Viscosity – 50” DIN Cup #4
Pot Life – 90 min.
Solids – 65%
Flash Point – 20 0C
Dust Dry – 8 hours
Sandable – 24 hours

R – 450 – TOP
Colour – Clear
Viscosity – 35” DIN Cup #4
Pot Life – 6 hours

The product is supplied at its correct viscosity and, therefore, further dilution is not recommended; make sure that the wood is dry (approximately 12% humidity), clean and free of dust and greasy substances (oil, wax, etc.) that would otherwise prevent the perfect anchorage of the product.
Mix both the product well before use and after mixing the two components; proceed with application which may be carried out by paintbrush, curtain coating and spraying systems based on one of the following work cycles.
Application of 400 g/m2 of R450-Base in two separate coats with an interval of approximately 60 min. (wet-on-wet). Light sanding (180-200 grit sand paper) should be carried out in any case after 24 hours followed by the application of topcoat of R-450 – Top in quantities of 200 g/m2of product applied.

The panel treated with R 450/EAU paint and subjected to the tests provided for by the laws in force obtained Class B in relation to its fire reaction behavior. The additional classification in relation to smoke production is s1 and d0 classification in relation to flaming droplets/particles. This classification has been carried out in accordance with clause 8.2 of EN 13501-1:2002 and consequently, were awarded approval released by the Central Technical Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rome.