r451 eau

A two component anti-fire polyurethane cycle which consists of the basecoat R451 EAU and the relative protective topcoat R451 EAU TOP available in different RAL/NCS colours. Its fire-retardant properties are based on decomposition reactions that starts when, under the action of heat and temperature, the coating releases substances able to slow the process of carbonization of the wood. In addition to its fire-retardant reaction, the complete coasting system is characterized by hardness, good resistance to stains and scratching, softness of the finish and rapidity of hardening of the various coats ensuring the user of excellent times and results for this type of product.

Anti-fire protective system to reduce the reaction to fire of wood and wood derivatives and can be used on matchboard fitted on walls or ceilings, furniture, furnishing, scenography, stands, etc.


Characteristic Base Top
Paint Cycle Two (2) Component
Colour White RAL/NCS/APS
Gloss Satin

Dull Matt (10-15)

Matt (32-38)

Satin (57-63)

Gloss (<85)

Specific weight

(Component A)

(Component B)


1.320 kg/L

1.000 ± 0.05 kg/L


1.240 ± 0.2kg/L

1.000 ± 0.05 kg/L


(mPas) – A

(DIN 4) – B


40-45” (FC #4)

10-15 (FC #4)


0.5 – 12 (poise)

10-15” (FC #4)

Solid Content (w)

(Component A)

(Component B)



25 ± 0.5%



25 ± 0.5%

Flash Point 200C 200C
Mixing Ratio 1 : 1 1 : 1
Pot Life 2 hours 2 -3  hours

Drying Time:

Dust Dry




15 minutes

6-8 hours

24 hours


20 minutes

12 hours

24 hours

Over Painting After 24 hours After 24 hours

Application Condition:

Air Temperature

Relative Humidity


5 – 350C

85% max


5 – 350C

85% max

Storage At least one (1) year in the original closed packaging.

The fire-retardant product has been classified in EUROCLASS B, s1, do based on data from fire reaction tests carried out in conformity with the European norm EN 13501-part 1 and in CLASS 1 based on the norm UNI 9796/2014 according to D.DM. 6/3/92 (BL158PVI100020). This classification is for the protection of all types of wooden-based supports either walls or ceilings, as specified in EN 13823-Reaction to fire tests for building products exposed to thermal heat of one single burning item and EN ISO 11925 Reaction to fire tests – Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame – Part2: Single-flame source test.

The above data is purely indicative and refers to the test of white cycle. The application characteristics of the product has been obtained with an application of 150 microns (200C, relatively humidity 60%). Different thickness and/or temperature and/or humidity might imply data variation.
Information about the utilization and consumption of R451 EAU in every step of the product life cycle is detailed in the relative Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).