fire retardant r450 eau

A two component anti-fire polyurethane cycle which consists of the colourless intumescent base coat FIRE RETARDANT R 450 EAU and the relative protective top coat FIRE RETARDANT R 450 EAU TOP available in different gloss gradations. In the case of fire, the heat and the increase in temperature cause the product to decompose generating a protective foam which insulates the support from the temperature increase and slows down the carbonization of the wood. The transparency, hardness, resistance to scratching the stains, the softness of the finish, and rapidity of hardening of the various coats of this cycle are the main features of this protective system thus ensuring the user of excellent times and results for this type of product.
Anti-fire protective system to reduce the reaction to fire of wood and wood derivatives and can be used on matchboard fitted on walls or ceilings, furniture, furnishing, scenography, stands, etc.
Ensure that the wood is clean and dry, with no traces of resin, grease, dust etc. and that the humidity is lower that 12%; high humidity could cause a patina to form on the dried film. The product can also be used on surfaces previously painted with other products, even if not anti-fire. We recommend that the product compatibility is verified before proceeding by carrying out an application test on a small area. If applying to wood with has been pre-treated with a coloured paint or varnish, carry out a compatibility and aesthetics test of the final paint cycle, especially to check out any colour change due to the pre-existing colour.
The required quantity of intumescent paint to be applied is set out by fire test performance results. Any wastage and loss of thickness due to intermediate sanding between the coat of primer and the coat of top coat must however be added to the consumption indicated in the respective test certificates in the case of application by spraying. The quantity of paint to be applied (practical consumption) is therefore equal to 300 g/m2 of FIRE FR WOOD 450 BASE completed by 150 g/m2of FIRE RETARDANT R 450 EAU TOP.
The products are supplied ready to use; if necessary, dilute with max, 5% Polyurethane Thinner. Stir the product well whilst the thinner is being added.
Mix component A well, then add the Catalyst and mix thoroughly. Application may be carried out by curtain-coating and spraying systems either with traditional drop and spraying systems either with traditional drop feed or airless. A brush may also be used, keeping in mind however that the final result may not be optimum.
In curtain-coating is used, the pot life could be shorter due to solvent evaporation (ensure that the products is not left I the machine for any length of time). The products is supplied at optimal viscosity for curtain-coating so it is better to use the recommended quantities in order to avoid any accumulation of the varnish. We therefore recommend the following application cycle.
Apply a coat of 150 g/m2of the intumescent base coat FIRE RETARDANT R 450 EAU without sanding (if the above period of time is exceeded, then it is necessary to sand the previous coat).
After 24 hours sand with medium sandpaper grit 180-200 and apply in one coat 150 g/m2 of the protective top coat FIRE RETARDANT R 450 EAU TOP.
A good ventilation between two coats can be achieved by accurate sanding. The use of warm air during application can accelerate drying time.