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stucco grassello

MAS STUCCO GRASSELLO is a masonry covering for interiors, based on pure acrylic resins and selected fillers to provide a marble-like finish effect. The glossy appearance and shade of differences obtain gives unique and a great value for interior. It resembles a classic decoration including those of particular historical and artistic interest and can create a fantastic design depending on the skills of the applicator.
  • Wall decorative coating for interior plasters and gypsum.
  • Water-soluble material and environmentally safe.
  • Smooth to touch, odourless, non-toxic and extremely pleasing in appearance. 
  • Once applied it creates a thick layer with transpirability.

Colour – See product catalogues

Viscosity – 300 poises

Density – 2.0 kg/L

pH – 9.5

Average/coat – 2 or more

Drying time – 4-6 hours

Recoating – After 6 hours

VOC Content – 42gms/L

New Concrete:

Surface must be clean, structurally sound, and free from all contaminants including curing compounds, form release agent, dust, dirt, oil, old coatings, and paint.

New concrete and masonry surfaces should be cured for at least 28 days. Provide an absorptive surface on all substrates including smooth precast or formed concrete.

The moisture content of the concrete should be below 4% by weight.

All laitance must be removed prior to the next step in surface preparation.

Remove from marks and other protrusion.

Old Concrete:

Old concrete should be clean and in good state of repair i.e., cracks, holes and other irregularities should be filled in.

All blistered, cracks and peeled-off paints should be removed either by grit blasting, mechanical sanding or paint stripper.

Penetrated paint must be cleaned and treated with ammonia solution. Glossy finish coat must be sanded.

Oils and greases are best removed by steam cleaning in conjunction with a detergent solution. Thorough scrubbing with hot caustic solutions will also remove mineral oils and greases.


The product can be applied with the aid of a stainless-steel trowel.

Prime the substrate with MAS Masonry Primer or Primart on very absorbent and chalky surfaces. In the case of a flaky surfaces, application of Prime coat is a must.

If the surface does not require any fixative, it is nonetheless, recommended to dampen it to prevent the wall from drawing excessive amount of water from the binder.

At least (2) coats of the product must be applied to prepare the undercoat. Smooth the surface by stainless steel spatula using MAS Stucco Grassello to get a uniform finish. After 6 hours from the last coat, sand with sand paper in order to smooth the surface and take off surface defects.

Apply the last coat of MAS Stucco Grassello by stainless steel spatula thoroughly. To obtain a different size of spatula, and apply artistically.

After 5-10 minutes press the spatula and move it on the surfaces to obtain more glossy effects. Since the drying and carbonation of Stucco Grassello are highly susceptible to the temperature and humidity of the air must be <80%.


Colouring can be obtained either by our Tintomachine or manual tinting. It is advisable to use preferable oxide-based pastes. In the event of different brands of coloured product are used, or a piece of work completed with a product produced by the tinting machine, it is recommended that the various product is compatible to each other to avoid slight differences in colour.