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MAS PERLATO is a water-based wall paint based on acrylic copolymer with a special pearlescent powder intended for internal and external application, which gives many different and metallic finishes. It is odourless, non-toxic and washable.

Colour – See Catalogues

Appearance – Metallic

Flashpoint – Non-flammable

Sp. Weight – 1.0Kg/L

Coverage – 8 – 12m2/kg. Depending on the porosity of the surface and type of application.

Dilution – 5-10% with fresh water

  • Substrate must be primed by MAS Masonry Primer, MAS PVA Wall filler, sanding and intermediate coat with Mascryl (any colour) or decorative basecoat.
  • There are so many ways of applying MAS PERLATO by normal brush, roller sponge, spatula, leather cloth and by spray gun.
  • MAS PERLATO is ideal as a finishing coat for a decorative basecoat, textured coat, boucle paint and Marmorino.
  • MAS PERLATO can be over coated with a contrast colour of the same material to give a unique design.