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MAS MAYA is a textured finish for interiors with a shining effect of decorative glitter. It has been developed to provide durability, washability and environment-friendly paints. This product is created to give new decorative solutions for interiors in order to make your environment unique for its refined elegance.


Colours & Material Samples


Composition – Acrylic resin and special pigment

Specific Weight – 1.500 +/- 0.1kg/L

Theo Yield – 2 – 3m2/L

Dilution Gravity – 5 – 10 max (If required)

VOC Content – 12g/L

Washing Resistance – Washing well with water or common detergents

MAS MAYA can be applied to a most solid surface.  Make sure that the surface is thoroughly dried and aged.

In case, the surface is flaky, apply MAS Masonry AR Primer to avoid efflorescence.

Dry lined surfaces (plasterboard) should be double boarded with staggered joints.  Joints in MDF surfaces should be taped.

Raw substrates such as concrete blockwork, brickwork and similar backgrounds must be rendered with a base plaster to achieve a true, flat surface that is straight both horizontally and vertically.

All supports should be sound, clean, dry and free of dust and greasy matter.  In hot weather, the support should be moistened.

All substrates should be prepared as if for final decoration.

It is recommended to apply over wallpaper or lining paper.  Extra care should be taken on surfaces that are previously decorated.


To obtain the best effect, quality results, and excellent finish, it is advisable to apply a primer coat prior to the application of MAS MAYA. It can be applied on various surfaces like concrete walls, plaster, wood panels, gypsum board, etc. after previous preparation. MAS MAYA can be applied using stainless steel trowel with an approximate yield of 250 grams per square meter per coat.  MAS MAYA is ready to use material, dilute with water if required then applied in a number of thin layers to build a thickness of 0.5 – 1.0mm.