decorative paints


MAS GLAZE is based on special resin to provide interesting decorative paint for internal surfaces. It is suitable for use in paint techniques such as glazing, streaking and marble effect.
Ideal for use on the interior. It can be used for previously painted surface such as wooden structure, doors and frames, furniture and interior walls.

Colour – NCS Colour

Gloss – Eggshell

Specific Gravity – 0.9kg/L

Viscosity – 300 +/- 10 poise

Coverage – 20m2/L

Touch Dry – 8 – 12 hrs.

Through Dry – 36- 48 hrs.

Dry to recoat – 48 hrs.

Solids (Vol%) – 50

Application – Brush or Roller

Thinning/Cleaning – Thinner #155

New Substrate:

  • New concrete should be cured at least 28 days.
  • The substrate must be free from any form of contaminants.
  • Apply 1 coat of MAS Masonry AR Primer as impregnating sealer.
  • Level the surface with MAS PVA Wall Filler and sand until smooth.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of Semi-Gloss Enamel as an Intermediate coat.
  • Application of MAS GLAZE as indicated in application techniques.

Old Concrete (Previously Painted):

  • Remove all blistered, cracked and peeling off paint from the surface.
  • Glossy finish coat must be sanded.
  • Apply 1 coat of Semi-Gloss Enamel as an intermediate coat.
  • Apply a coat of MAS GLAZE in any choice of application techniques.


  • Sand well the surface to removed raised fibres and make sure the wood is not too damp.
  • Level any unevenness on the surface and treat all cracks and holes with wood filler.
  • Apply a coat of intermediate coat.
  • For previously painted wood, check the state of repair of old coats and remove any pats which are flaking or not perfectly adherent.

Wooden Surface:
Undercoat Enamel – 1 coat
Stucco Filler – 2 coats
Semi-Gloss Enamel – 2 coats
MAS GLAZE – 1 coat

On Concrete Plaster and Gypsum:
MAS AR Primer – 1 coat
PVA Wall Filler – 2 coats
Semi-Gloss Enamel – 2 coats
MAS GLAZE – 1 coat