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MAS DÉCOR (SPECIAL) is a water-based wall paint based on acrylic with lustre pigment that gives many different and decorative finishes, it is odourless, non-toxic and washable.


Colours & Material Samples


Colour – See Catalogue

Flash Point – Non-flammable

Coverage – “5 – 8 m2/kg (depending on the type of application)

Dilution – 5-10% with fresh water

VOC – 38 g/L

Method of Application – By brush, roller, sponge spatula, spray gun

  • The substrate must be primed by MAS Masonry primer, putty filler sanding and intermediate coat with Mascryl (any colour).
  • There are so many ways of applying MAS DÉCOR SPECIAL, by normal brush, roller sponge, spatula, leather cloth and spray gun.
  • MAS DÉCOR (SPECIAL) can be over coated with a contrast colour of the same material to give a unique design.

MAS DÉCOR (SPECIAL) does not contain dangerous solvents, nevertheless, good ventilation in working rooms is recommended as well as the use of safety and equipment.  MAS DÉCOR (SPECIAL) is harmful if swallowed.  If contact with eyes occurs, cleanse with fresh water and seek immediate medical advice.