Acrylic based paints

acrylic matt (pigmented)

ACRYLIC MATT (PIGMENTED) is based on acrylic resin for a non – yellowing topcoat. It is developed to provide a silky smooth and good surface hardness. It is weather resistant, unaffected by humidity, heat and sunlight.
Best recommended for furniture, tables, chairs, doors and frame, outdoors furniture and external wood works.

Colours – White, Black and limited colours

Specific Gravity (200C) – 1.28 kg/L

Viscosity (250C FC # 4) – 150 + / – 5 sec.

Flash Point – 250C

Non – Volatile (Wt.%) – 55 +/-0.5

Application Condition
Air Temperature 5 – 350C
Relative Humidity 85% max.

Application Method – Brush, Spray, Roller

Catalyst – Catalyst #026

Thinner – PU Thinner #305

Mixing/Dilution Ratio
Base 100
Hardener 20
Thinner 25-30

Drying Time (200C)
Dust Free 30 – 45 min.
To Touch 45 – 60 min
To Recoat 2 – 3 hrs.
Sandable 2 – 24 hrs.

5 – 7 m2/L (100-150gms/m2)

Minimum 60 min – max 3 hrs. medium sanding with 240/360 mesh sand paper is recommended before subsequent coat is needed.

Application Procedure:
The mixture ready for use, can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Surface to be painted must be free of dirt and other contaminants. In the remaking of old woods, it is imperative to remove traces of wax, dirt and other oily matter to ensure a perfect adhesion of paint. Apply 1 – 2 coats of Acrylic Primer #100, Plastofil #350 or PU Primer #153 as a basecoat.

Mixing ratio should be correctly observed.
Paint should be used within the pot life after components have been mixed together.
Pot life decreases at high temperature.
Bubbling due to excessive coatings within relatively short time is likely to occur in summer 1 – 2 thin initial coat and longer recoating interval (50 – 60 min.) eliminates bubbling.
Never leave drums of Catalyst open.