Leather Effect

The leather effect finishes can add ultra-luxe to your walls and furniture. This authentic leather finish looks gorgeous for the sophisticated design from the rustic era.It is not only environmentally friendly, but with faux leather, there is no harm to animals.

Marble Effect

Marbleizing helps create the multi-coloured look of veins in marble and encapsulates the beauty from the meaning of life.Architectural details in your home such as columns, corbels and other details can be transformed to bring the folk style to your modern home.


N.C. CRACKLED EFFECT is a solution based on nitrocellulose, modified alkyd resins selected fillers. It is developed to give a dramatic cracking effect onto the surface and it displays a very unique and antique design.


PU METALLIC is a polyurethane lacquer based on saturated polyester resin with lustre pigment component. It is formulated to give a metallic effect, thanks for the high quality of raw material. Furthermore, PU METALLIC is resistant to both extreme weather with less – yellowing effect, resistant to abrasion and provides a very good finish.