polyurethane paints

PU Sanding Sealer #1360g

PU SANDING SEALER #1360G is a polyurethane sealer based on saturated polyesters. Two component materials with very high covering property, excellent elasticity, and sanding characteristics. Because of the excellent quality of raw materials, it does give a covering film of great transparency, very high solid and requires a minimum of the coat.

As a general-purpose sealer of furniture, office tables, shelves, turned pieces, cabinets, and all wood works.

Appearance – Opalescent

Specific Gravity (25ºC) – 1.01 kg/L

Viscosity (25ºC, FC # 4) – 40 sec.

Flash Point – 22ºC

Non-Volatile (Wt.%) – Base 60 +/- 0.05, Catalyst – 33 +/- 0.05

Application condition – Air temperature 5 – 35ºC, Relative Humidity 85% max.

Application Method – Conventional and Auto Spray

Recommended Catalyst – Catalyst #002R

Thinner – Thinner #105/ 205/ 305

Mixing Ratio – Base 100, Cat. 50

Thinner – 20-25

Pot Life (25ºC) – 4 – 6 hrs.

Recoating – Minimum of 30 min. to a maximum of 3 hrs. Sanding with 240/360 mesh sandpaper is recommended before a subsequent coat is needed.

Prepare the surface to be painted with a manual or automatic sanding machine.  Ensure that the surface to be coated is free from oil, grease and other contaminants.

  • Apply the required dyes or stain (optional).
  • Apply 1-2 coat of PU Sanding Sealer #1360G with catalyst, vertically and horizontally.
  • After the primed coat gets dried, sand it with medium sandpaper up to the extent not to damage the substrate.
  • If required, apply wood putty transparent on nails, cracks and joints.
  • Due to its high covering properties, one coat is sufficient on a smooth wood or veneer.  However, in the event of the additional coat is required, 15 – 30 min. interval coat is required wet to wet or keep the first coat to dry for at least  2 hrs. slight sanding and proceed to the second coat.