polyurethane paints

pu sanding sealer #1344

PU SANDING SEALER #1344 is a polyurethane lacquer sealer based on special saturated polyester resin. A two-component material with high covering property, elasticity, good sandability and bubble-free. Thanks to its excellent quality of raw materials that do give a covering film of great transparent and requires minimum coat.

Best for furniture, office tables, shelves, turned pieces, cabinets and all wood work with a deep grains and critical surfaces.

Appearance – Opalescent

Specific Gravity – 0.980

Viscosity – 45” FC # 4

Flash Point – 25 – 35”

Non-volatile (Wt.%) – 45 +/- 0.5

Application condition – Air temperature 5~35ºC, Relative Humidity 85% max

Application Method – Spray or Curtain Coating

Recommended Catalyst – Catalyst #034

Thinner – PU Thinner #105/205
Mixing ratio – Base 100, Cat. 50

Thinner – 25-30

Pot life – 2-4 hours

VOC – 605g/L

Drying time – Dust-free 15 – 20 minutes, To Touch 35 – 45 minutes, Sandable 1 – 2 hours, Hard 24- 36 hours

VOC – 282g/L

Recoating – Minimum 30 min – max 3 hours medium sanding with 240/360 mesh sandpaper is recommended before a subsequent coat is needed.

Prepare the surface to be painted with manual or automatic sanding machine.

  • Apply the required dye or stain (optional).
  • Apply 1-2 coat of PU Sanding Sealer #1344 with catalyst, vertically and horizontally.
  • After the primed coat gets dried, sand it with medium sand paper up to the extent not to damage the substrate.
  • If required, apply wood putty transparent on nail holes, cracks and joints.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of PU Sanding Sealer #1344 prior to the final top coating.


It is advisable to use a slow drying thinner during summer or when the working place exceeds 350C temperature to avoid the formation of microbubbles. If bubbles were not eliminated, apply a thin coat of PU Sanding Sealer 1344 on the first coat as a stabilizer and keep for 20 minutes prior to light sanding and go on with the normal application.