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pu putty filler

PU PUTTY FILLER is a wood clear putty based on special resin and filler. It is formulated to give a maximum filling property, thanks to the high quality of raw material. Furthermore, it is formulated to give extra body to the surface and as a levelling filler to all wooden surfaces, with a good sanding property. It gives a homogenous surface after finishing.

Highly recommended to all woodworks, furniture such as beds, cabinets, chairs, sofas, doors and frames, turned pieces and the likes.
Appearance – Paste
Colour – Opaque
Specific Gravity (20ºC) – 1.10 +/- 0.2 kg/L
Flash Point – 21ºC
Non-Volatile (Wt.%) – 57
Gloss(600) – Matt
Application Condition – Air Temperature 5 – 35ºC, Relative Humidity 85% max.
Application Method – Scrape
Recommended Catalyst – PU Putty Filler Hardener
Mixing/Dilution Ratio – Base 100, Catalyst 25
Pot Life (20ºC) – 2 hours
Shelf Life – 12 months
Drying Time (20ºC) – Dust-Free 15 – 17 min., To Touch 20 – 30 min., Sandable 30 – 45 min., Hard 24 – 36 hours
Coating Rate – 5 m2/L
  • The surfaces must be primed and should be dry, clean and free of any loose particles.
  • Scrape PU Putty Filler at about 20 – 30 microns per coat (generally 2 coats or as necessary depending on the smoothness of the substrate).
  • Sand with the sandpaper prior to application of intermediate coat and topcoat.