Polyurethane paints

PU matt qd clear

PU MATT QD CLEAR is a transparent polyurethane varnish based on saturated polyester resins, to provide smooth and satin finish with good covering properties, excellent hardness and fast drying properties. Due to high quality of raw materials, it is resistant to water and mild acids and alkalis.
PU MATT QD CLEAR is excellent for wood furniture such as beds, cabinets, chairs, sofas, doors, and frames.

Appearance – Transparent

Specific Gravity – 0.97+/-0.05 g/L

Gloss (60°C) – 10/ 20 /30 /40

Viscosity @ 25°C – 70” FC # 4

Flash Point – 20°C

Solid Content (Wt.) – 45

Application Condition:
Air Temperature 5 – 35°C
Relative Humidity 85% max.

Application Method – Auto or Conventional Spray

Recommended Catalyst – Catalyst #024

Thinner – PU Thinner #105/205

Mixing/Dilution ratio (13~15” FC # 4)
Base 100
Cat. 50
Thinner 30-40

Pot Life – 3 – 4 hours

Drying Time:
Dust Free 10 – 15 minutes
Touch Free 20 – 30 minutes
Recoat 1 – 2 hours
Hard 12 – 24 hours

Coverage – 7 – 8 m2/L (120g/m2)

Pencil Hardness – HB-H

The surface to be top coated should be primed with either polyurethane or polyester sealer.
It should be cleaned, well-sanded and free from dust, oil water and other contaminants.
To a well-prepared surface, apply 1-2 coats of PU MATT QD CLEAR, horizontally and vertically.
One coat may be sufficient for ordinary finish however; one additional coat can apply wet on wet if necessary. Light sanding with 400-600 mesh sand paper is recommended before subsequent coat when recoating time exceeds 3 hours and remove traces of wax.