Polyurethane paints

PU lv matt clear #5391

PU LV MATT CLEAR #5391 is a transparent polyurethane varnish based on poly-functional saturated polyester resins, to provide smooth finish with good covering properties and excellent hardness. PU MATT LV/5391 meets the VOC content limit of Annex II, Phase II, Table A of European Directive 2004/42/EC/2004.
PU LV MATT CLEAR #5391 is excellent for wood furniture such as beds, cabinets, chairs, sofas, doors, and frames for internal applications.

Specific Gravity – 0.990+/-0.005 kg/L

Viscosity@25°C – 40-50”FC#4

Flash Point – 20°C

Non-Volatile – 48%

Gloss – 10°C/20°C/30°C/40°C

Application Condition:
Air temperature 5 – 35*C
Relative Humidity 85% max

Recommended catalyst – Catalyst #054

Thinner – PU Thinner #105/205

Mixing ratio (%wt.)
Spray visc. =13 – 15”
Base 100
Cat. 50
Thinner 25-30

Pot Life – 3 – 4 hours

Drying time:
Dust free 15 – 20 minutes
Touch free 30 – 45 minutes
Recoat 1 – 2 hours
Hard 24 – 36 hours

Pencil hardness – H-2H

The surface to be top coated should be primed with Polyurethane, Prime seal or Polyester Primer.
It should be cleaned well-sanded and free from dust, oil water and other contaminants.
To a well-prepared surface, apply 1-2 coat of PU MATT HARDTOP SPC, horizontally and vertically.
One or two coats maybe sufficient for ordinary finish; however, to obtain an applied wet to wet if necessary. Light sanding with 400-600 grit sandpaper is recommended before subsequent coat when recoating exceeds 3 hours and remove traces of wax.