Polyester based paints

Polymas #650 direct gloss

POLYMAS #650 DIRECT GLOSS is a direct gloss varnish based on unsaturated polyester hardened by the help of an accelerator and catalyst. It is formulated for horizontal application and provides a perfectly dry film that gives a shining and brilliant glass like finish without polishing.
It is recommended for all types of woods, veneers and furniture items in horizontal application.

Colour – Clear

Specific Gravity – 1.0 kg/L

Viscosity @ 25°C – 55 sec. FC #4

Flash Point – 21°C

Solid Content – 98%

Drying time
Gel Time @ 25°C – 11 – 12 minute
Dust Free @ 25°C – 30 – 40 minutes
Touch Free @ 25°C – 60 minutes

Mix POLYMAS #650 DIRECT GLOSS with 2% Accelerator #500 before adding 2% of Catalyst.
In most application, no thinning is required. If it is necessary, PE Thinner #325 with recommended to dilution rate from 30 – 35% of the total mixture.
Mix certain amount that can be used within the pot life (gel – time) of the mixture.
Do not mix accelerator and catalyst at the same time it may cause explosion.

Surface to be coated must be properly prepared and free from oil and other contaminants.
For MDF and OAK woods that contains tannin oil, we recommended to apply 1 – 2 coats of Isolator #185 or Isolator #10 for veneer and white woods.
Application of Plastoseal 555 as a basecoat. Sand with sand paper for a smooth finish.