Polyester based paints

Polymas #158 horizontal

POLYMAS #158 HORIZONTAL based on unsaturated wax polyester hardened by the help of an accelerator and catalyst. It is formulated for horizontal application and provides a perfectly dry and sandable film that gives a shining and brilliant glass like finish after polishing.
It is best recommended for all types of woods, veneers and furniture items.

Colour – Clear

Specific Gravity
– 1.0 kg/L

Flash Point – 21°C

Solid Content
– 55%

Drying time
Gel Time @ 30°C – 18 – 20 minute
Hard @ 30°C – 5 – 6 hours
Buffing and Polishing – 48 hours

Mix POLYMAS #158 HORIZONTAL with 2% Accelerator #500 before adding 2% of Catalyst.
In most application, no thinning is required. If it is necessary, PE Thinner #125 during winter and PE Thinner #145 during summer. It is recommended to dilute 3 – 5 % of the total mixture.
Mix certain amount that can be used within the pot life (gel – time) of the mixture.
Surface to be coated must be properly prepared and free from oil and other contaminants.
For MDF and OAK woods that contains oil, we recommended to apply 1 – 2 coats of Isolator #185 A + B and Isolator #100 for veneer and white woods. Let it dry for 6 hrs. prior to application of POLYMAS #158 HORIZONTAL at the rate of 300 gms./m2 per coat. Repeat the process until desired thickness.