Polyester based paints

plastoseal #555

PLASTOSEAL is a very transparent thixotropic polyester sanding sealer based on non-wax unsaturated polyester with selected filler. PLASTOSEAL 555 is hardened by the reaction of accelerator (organic salt of cobalt) and catalyst (solution of peroxide). Due to tis thick film, it gives a good covering property and minimizes the number of coats required.
PLASTOSEAL 555 is best for all types of woods, veneers and furniture. It is highly recommended for chairs, doors, moldings, toys and frames. Due to the typical rigidity of polyester, we suggest to use for indoor furniture only.

Appearance – White Liquid

Specific Gravity – 1.150 kg/L

Flash Point – 2°C

Solid Content – 75% approx.

Coverage – 5 – 7 m2/L

Storage Life – 6 months

Pot Life – 2 hours

Take enough PLASTOSEAL 555 and add 2% of Accelerator #285. Mix thoroughly until homogenous solution is obtained. Carefully add 2% of Catalyst into the mixture and mix thoroughly, add polyester thinner for thinning at the required consistency and spray immediately on the surface to be primed.
Prepare the surface first to be primed with before mixing the solution.
Apply 1 – 2 coat of MAS Isolator #100 before applying PLASTOSEAL 555 on veneer and white coloured woods and Isolator # 185 for MDF and oily woods.
Spray 2 – 3 coats of the mixture if used in a horizontal position and 1 – 2 coats on vertical position.

Dust Free – 25 – 30 minutes

Set to Touch – 2 hours

Sandable – 5 – 6 minutes

Recoatable – 1 hour