epoxy zinc rich zd primer

EPOXY ZINC RICH ZD PRIMER is two-component zinc rich undercoat based on epoxy resins and polyamide hardeners. It is fast drying with excellent abrasion resistance, which reduces handling damages.
An organic zinc primer for sand blasted steel, metallic surfaces that requires high performance and anti-corrosive properties. Suitable for a wide range of high performance topcoats.

Colour – Gray

Finish – Matt

% Volume solids – 60%

Mixing ratio – 4 : 1

Flash point – 250C

Specific gravity – 2.19 kg/L (mixture)

DFT – 50 microns

WFT – 83 microns

Coverage – 12m2/L

Method of Application – Brush, Roller, Airless and Conventional Spray

Dilution Rate – Not normally required, if necessary, use Thinner #135

Remove oil, grease, and other contaminants by washing with thinner. Rust and loose material must be removed by power tool cleaning or wire brushing.

New – Steel:
Abrasive blasting to minimum Sa 2½. For temporary protection, if required use suitable shop primer. All damaged primers and contamination from storage and fabrication should be thoroughly cleaned prior to final painting.

Other metals, G.I. Steel and Alloys:
Thorough degreasing and abrading to remove all contamination and to ensure the proper adhesion prior to final coating.