Epoxy non shrink putty

EPOXY NON SHRINK PUTTY is a two component non-shrink epoxy filler based on epoxy resins, polyamide hardener and selected fillers.

For extremely strong repair works on steel, concrete and wood structure such as bridges, tunnels, tank, etc.
For patching up holes and surface irregularities.

High build

Ease of application

Chemical resistant

Abrasive resistant

Good adhesion

Colour- White, Grey, Tile Red

Component – Two (2)

Mixing Ratio – 1 : 1 By volume

Pot Life – 2 -3 hrs. after mixing

Shelf Life – 12 months

Drying Time – 4 hrs. after application

Curing Time – 7 days

Water, de ionized – Very Good

Sulphuric Acid, 14% – Good

Nitric Acid, 30% – Good

Acetic Acid, 10% – Good

Caustic Soda, 20% – Good

Petrol – Very Good

Toluene – Very Good

Styrene – Very Good

Hydraulic Fluid – Good

New concrete substrate should be at least 28 days old and the moisture content of the substrate should be less than 5%.
All laitance and loose materials must be removed from the surface. If the concrete is strong and sounds, this may be achieved by acid etching followed by thorough washing with water, the floor must be left to dry.
Cracked and damaged concrete or heavy laitance should be prepared by grit blasting until a solid surface is reached showing exposed aggregate.
All dust and debris should then be removed. Surfaces contaminated with oil or grease should be flamed cleaned and thoroughly wash with a good detergent.
Mix thoroughly resins part and hardener as per specified mixing ration by using trowel, putty knife or squeezer can be utilized. EPOXY PUTTY #69 can be coated with all epoxy based topcoat after 24 hours, drying time. It is essential to slightly abrade the putty for an excellent adhesion of topcoats.