Epoxy based paints

Epoxy coal tar #300

EPOXY COAL TAR #300 is a two component solvent-free, tar extended epoxy coating system. It has high resistance to abrasion and impact. It is designed as an elastic coating material for cement-bonded substrates, iron and steel. It has excellent chemical resistance against diluted acids, alkalis, salt, mineral, oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, vegetable oils and seawater.
EPOXY COAL TAR #300 provides protection to concrete and metal structures on extreme environments. Ideal to use for storage tanks, pipelines (interior and exterior) sewage treatment plants and as corrosion control in shipbuilding. Also suitable for underground, foundation waterproofing and exterior sealing for concrete surfaces.

Abrasion and impact resistant

Temperature resistant

Provides virtually maintenance free corrosion protection

Provides high build coating in single application

Excellent chemical resistance

Easy to apply

Colour – Black/ Dark Brown

Components – 2

Volume Solids – 100%

Flash Point – >500C

Coverage – 2.5 – 4.0 m2/L

Specific Gravity – 1.10 kg/L

Pot life @ 250C – 1 hour

DFT – 250-400 microns

Surface Dry – 8 hrs.

Initial Hardness – 24 hrs.

Full Cure – 7 days

Water Absorption – 0.2%

Elongation at break – 32%

Tensile Strength – 9.8 N/mm2

Sulphuric Acid, 10% – Very Good

HCI, 15% – Very Good

Nitric Acid, 10% – Good

Sodium Hydroxide – Excellent

Sewerage Water – Excellent

Chlorine – Very Good

Vegetable Oil – Excellent

Turpentine – Excellent

Sea Water – Excellent

Surface must be carefully examined to make sure it is suitable and structurally sound base. Remove curing compound – form oil, salts laitance and other contaminants. Wash with multi-etch solution and thoroughly rinse with water. Concrete should be clean and dry before coating. Pinholes should be patched with H.D. Grout and Mortar or Epoxy non-shrink putty #69.

Surface should be sand blasted to a commercial grade. When the surfaces are to be subjected to severe conditions, blasting to a near white grade as per S.S 2½ is recommended.

Mixing and Application:
Mix both components as per specified ratio until a homogenous mixture is obtained. It is very essential that component A and B are thoroughly mixed and that no traces of the components remain unmixed. Let stand for 5 – 10 min. induction time to allow bubbles to burst prior to application. EPOXY COAL TAR #300 may be applied by brush, roller and airless spray. Rate of application using airless is faster. It is important to apply in several coats instead of one thick coat prevent entrapment of bubbles.