Epoxy based paints


EPOXY COAL TAR #150 is a solvent containing tar extended epoxy, formulated to resist water absorption, mild acids, alkali, solvents and other corrosion elements. It gives excellent adhesion and waterproofing protection of concrete, steel exposed to corrosive atmosphere.

Storage tanks

Pipelines (interior and exterior)

Processing equipment

Tidal zone areas (fresh and salt water)

Sewage tanks


Chemical resistant

Abrasion resistant

Impact resistant

Resistant to dimensional changes (No chipping, peeling or flaking)

Colour – Black/ Dark Brown

Specific gravity – 1.10 kg/L

Mixing Ratio – 4 : 1

Volume Solids – 65%

Pot life @ 250C – 30 min.

Application – Brush, Roller, Spray

Drying Time:
Dust Free 5 – 6 hrs.
Initial Hardness 8 – 10 hrs.
Fully Cured 7 days

DFT – 90-100 microns

Coverage – 6 m2/L

Thinner – Thinner #135


Surface must be structurally sound, clean dry and free from foreign matter.  Remove curing compounds form oil, salts, laitance and other contaminants.  Wash with multi-etch solution and thoroughly rinse water.  Concrete should be clean and dry before coating.


Surface should be sandblasted to a commercial grade.  When the surfaces are to be subjected to sever conditions, blasting to a near white grade is recommended.

EPOXY COAL TAR #150 can be applied by brush, roller, airless or conventional spray. Airless spray is preferable since pin holing and overspray are minimized. For best results, use two (2) coats 100 microns each coat. The first coat should be tack free before the second coat is applied. Tack free increases with thicker films. In any event, not more than 24 hours should be allowed between coats. Over-coating interval must be 3-5 days maximum. The minimum application temperature is 50C and the relative humidity should not exceed 85%. All surfaces should be treated with at least two coats of Epoxy Coal Tar #150. The first coat should be applied by brush or airless spray to achieve a uniform coating with a wet film thickness not less than 200 microns. This coat should be allowed to dry for 16 hours at 200C. When using airless spray equipment; details as mentioned should be strictly followed. If necessary, EPOXY COAL TAR #150 can be thinned with no more than 5 percent of Epoxy thinner or commercial thinners such as xylene.

Damp-proof membranes, vertical vapour barriers:
Apply a full coat of Epoxy Coal Tar #150 and allow to dry. Coverage rate should be 6 m2 per litre. Apply a second coat at right angles to the first coat. If a thicker film is required, the second coat should be applied with dense material.

Water Tank and Pipeline Protection:
Two (2) coats of Epoxy Coal Tar #150 should applied. Where necessary the coating can be thickened at floor/wall corners by forming 20x20mm fillet of the material onto the first coat and liberally coating with a second coat.

Concrete screed or renders:
Where it is necessary to cover the membrane with a screed or render, clean 2 mm grit nominal size of silica should be broadcast into the wet second coat to provide a proper anchorage. All loose grit should be removed prior to placing the screed/render.

Epoxy Coal Tal #150 is formulated for application to clean, sound concrete and steel. It should not be applied over existing coatings. Application should not be undertaken if the temperature is below than prescribed and the prevailing relative humidity exceeds 90%. Epoxy Coal Tar is not colour stable when exposed to direct sunlight, nor when in contact with some chemicals.


2000+ Colours & Material Samples

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