Epoxy based paints

Epotop Clear #200

EPOTOP CLEAR #200 is a solvent based, two-component epoxy system containing an epoxy resin and polyamide hardener.
EPOTOP CLEAR #200 is specially formulated to give excellent floor coating for concrete and ideal for application for commercial, industrial, chemical plants, and steel structures. It is highly recommended for airports, car parking areas, hangars, warehouses and showrooms.
Chemical and abrasion resistant

Flexible and waterproof

Non-toxic when fully cured

Clear and transparent

Appearance – Clear

Mixing ratio – 4 : 1

Volume solids – 48%

Pot life @ 250C – 2 hours

DFT – 30 – 40 microns

Drying time
Recoat 3 – 5 hrs.
Hard 12 – 16 hrs.
Cured 7 days

Shelf life – 1 year

Coverage – 12 – 15 m2/L

Flash point – 200C

New Concrete:
Allow new concrete to cure for 28 days, and surface should be sound and no strange particles prior to application. Ensure that the surface to be floored is properly etched and washed before the application of EPOTOP CLEAR #200.

Old Concrete:
Old concrete should be clean and in a good state of repair i.e, cracks, holes and other irregularities should be filled with epoxy grout and mortar or epoxy non-shrink putty. Existing paint should be removed by grit blasting or by heavy-duty mechanical grinder. Paint stripper is not recommended because they leave a waxy residue, which is more difficult and will affect bond formation of EPOTOP CLEAR #200. Oil and grease should be removed by steam cleaning in conjunction with a degreasing solution.

Concrete floors should be primed with 1 coat of Uniseal #110 as a concrete conditioner prior to the application of EPOTOP CLEAR #200.

Mixing and Application:
Mix component A and B at specified ration ensuring they are complete homogenous. After thoroughly mix, allow the mixture to stand for 15 – 30 minutes. Apply either by brush, roller or airless spray gun.

Uniseal 3110 – 1 coat

EPOTOP CLEAR #200 – 2 coats