epoxy based paints

epofloor sf

EPOFLOOR SF is a solvent – free, two components, and high build epoxy coating system consisting of an epoxy resin and amine hardener that gives a glossy finish.
EPOFLOOR SF is specially formulated to give superior adhesion, abrasion resistant and excellent heavy-duty coating on concrete floors such as breweries, textile mills, distilleries and other food processing and manufacturing industries.

Solvent free-low odour

High chemical resistance

Hard wearing

Easy to clean-seamless

Flexible and waterproof

Available in wide range of colour

The long term durability of the material will be based on the preparation between the substrate and the flooring system. It is important therefore that the substrate must be correctly prepared prior to the application of EPOFLOOR SF.

Old Concrete:
Concrete should be dry, free from dust, oil, loose debris and other contaminants. Remove all existing coat (if any) by scraping, grinding or with paint remover. Apply one (1) coat of multi-etch solution and rinse with fresh water and let it dry for 24 hours to ensure an excellent penetration. Any necessary repairs should be carried out using Epoxy Grout & Mortar or Epoxy Non-Shrink Putty.

New Concrete:
New concrete should be cured for at least 28 days. Floors should be sound and free from contamination such as oils, grease and other foreign residues or laitance. Apply one (1) coat of multi etch solution, rinse and let it dry. Remove all loose debris prior to the application of the flooring system.

Remove all traces of oil, grease, and other contaminants with suitable degreaser and detergent. Remove all rust and loose materials by power tool cleaning or by wire brushing. Application of wash primer to damaged or rusted surface is recommended prior to the application of EPOFLOOR SF.

Apply 1 coat of Uniseal #220SF as a sealer and conditioner. Primer should be tack-free prior to application of EPOFLOOR SF. The primer should be left to achieve the tack free condition before applying the topcoat. A second coat of primer may be required if the substrate is extremely porous.

Stir well each container particularly resin base using a flat paddle.
Mix thoroughly 2 part of Resin A to 1 part of Hardener by weight until homogenous. Do not add solvents of thinner.
Mechanical mixing using power drill with low RPM is much preferred to ensure a homogenous solution.
If smooth finish is desired, apply EPOFLOOR SF by roller at a minimum thickness of 200 microns per coat, coverage at this thickness will be approximately 5 m2/L.
Anti-slip finish can be obtained by sprinkling a silica aggregate 0.1 – 0.3 grain size in to the first coat. Ensure that any loose aggregate is removed prior to the application of the second coat.