epoxy based paints

epocoat s

EPOCOAT S is a solvent based, two-components epoxy system containing of an epoxy resin and polyamide hardener and is formulated with high performance.

EPOCOAT S is specially formulated to give excellent coating for steel structures, concrete and ideal for application for commercial, industrial and chemical pants.

Chemical and abrasion resistant

Flexible and waterproof

Gives corrosion resistant to steel

Non-toxic when fully cured

Available in long range of colours

Colour – RAL/APS

Mixing Ratio – 4 : 1

% Solids (v) – 42

% Solids (w) – 59

Flash Point – 220C

Pot Life @ 250C – 1 – 2 hrs.

Coverage – 8-10 m2/L

DFT – 50 microns

Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease and some foreign matters. Recommended methods for repairing steel are by Sa 2 ½ sandblasting, wire brushing and derusting.

Allow new concrete to cure for 28 days, surface should be sound and no strange particles prior to application. Ensure that the surface to be coated is properly etch and wash before the application of EPOCOAT S.

Remove all traces of oil, grease and other contaminants with suitable degreaser and detergent. Remove all rust and loose materials by power tool cleaning or by wire brushing. Application of wash primer to damaged or rusted surface is recommended prior to the application of EPOCOAT – S.

Steel Surface should be primed with Epoprime Basecoat/ Epoprime HB (intermediate coat) prior to application of EPOCOAT – S. Concrete sho