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MAS SAND is a satin finish for interiors with an aesthetic effect of velvet material. It has been developed with the most advanced technologies to provide durability, washability, and environmentally friendly paints. This product is created to give new decorative solutions for interiors in order to make your environment unique for its refined elegance.

Composition – Acrylic Resin and Special Pigments

Specific Weight – 1.100 +/- 0.100 kg/L

Theo Yield – 5-7m2/L

Appearance – Satin Matt

Dilution – 5-10 max (if required)

VOC Content – 80g/L

Washing Resistance – Washes well with water or common detergents

To obtain the best aesthetic effect and quality results, we suggest following our application recommendations. To provide an excellent finish, it is advisable to apply and primer coat of the same tone of SAND. It can be applied on various surfaces like concrete walls, plaster, wood panels, iron ad-light alloys, etc. After previous preparation.

MAS SAND can be applied by spray keeping the pressure at 2-4 atm. At a distance from the substrate of about 30-40cm. Use a spray gun with superiors’ tank and with a nozzle of 1.7-1.8mm. Spray the first coat of SAND horizontally in the quantity of 170-200gms. /sq.m. It can be applied using stainless steel trowel with an approximate yield of 200 grams per square meter per coat.

New Concrete Walls:

The wall should be fully dry without an alkaline substance and it should be smooth. Otherwise, scrape with PVA Wall filler, then sand with 180 grit sandpaper. Apply one (1) coat of MAS Masonry Primer or Mascryl #1000 prior to the application of SAND as described in No.1

New Wood:

Application of PVA Wall filler (if necessary), then sand with 280-grit sandpaper until a smooth surface is obtained. Apply one (1) coat of undercoat Enamel and two (2) coats of SAND with an interval of 5-6 hours at room temperature as described in no.1.

Old Wood, Old Iron:

(Previously painted with alkyds and P.U. Paints).  Smoothen with 280 – 300 grit sandpaper to facilitate the adhesion of Primart300 and then the SAND as indicated in no.1.

New Iron:

Smoothen the surface with sandpaper. Remove traces of oil, grease and other contaminants and apply one (1) coat of Deruster.  Apply one (1) coat of Primart 300 prior to the application of two (2) coats of SAND as mentioned in No.1.

Light Alloys:

Remove grease and smooth the surface and apply a coat of adequate primer. Apply one (1) coat of Primart300 before the application of SAND as described in No.1.

Temperature for application:

Apply MAS SAND at a temperature higher than 50C but not more than 400C.


Dust dry after 1 hour at 200C and dries in 3 hours. Hardens after 24 hours depending on the room temperature.


 The elastic film obtained after a complete drying is shock and abrasion-resistant.

Scrub Resistance:

As per ASTM D 2489 is >1200 cycles.

Washing Resistance:

It resists alcohol, water and common soaps.