decorative paints


MASCRACK is a transparent speciality material developed as a cracking media for water-based interior decorative paint. It is formulated as an intermediate coat for Stucco Crackled Finish.

Colour – Transparent

Specific Gravity – 1.00kg/L

Flash Point – >600C

Viscosity – 40” FC #4 @ 25ºc

Solid Content – 6%

  • The surface to be designed with Stucco Crackled Finish should be undercoated with MAS Masonry Primer and MAS PVA Wall Filler to smoothen the surface.
  • To a well – prepared surface, apply one coat Mascryl (any choice of colour) a san intermediate coat and let it dry.
  • Apply uniformly MASCRACK in a single coat process to obtain smaller crack effect.
  • To obtain bigger crack, apply one more coat of MASCRACK on the dried first coat and let it dry.
  • Apply normally the Emulsion topcoat of any desired colour that will complement the colour of the intermediate coat.
  • For Stucco Crackled Effect, apply the desired colour STUCCO by trowel and follow the normal application system of MAS Stucco and keep the material to crack by itself. Final scraping by stainless steel trowel to attain glossy effect of stucco.

It is not recommended to dilute the material due to its readiness to use. However, If the material is too thick to apply dilute with demineralized water not more than 5%.