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MARMORINO is based on 12th-century technique, used by the Venetian’s to incorporate art into building design. It has been developed from mineral lime, marble dust, natural pigment plus additives and modernized to suit today’s design without losing the quality of the traditional product. Although today’s designs can dictate colour and texture, the basic formula has been retained to create a spectrum of colour ranging from a natural stone to a marble-like antique design.


Colours & Material Samples

Marmorino Swatches
  • Marmorino Fine
  • Marmorino Smooth
  • Marmorino Medium
  • Marmorino Rough
  • Marmorino Classic
  • Marmorino Natural
  • Marmorino Shells
  • Marmosilk


Can be applied to walls, ceilings, columns, and other curved surfaces, leaving a joint free finish. Lightweight surface, maximum 3mm thick enable architects to make considerable cost savings on basic construction costs. Each finish is individually designed to suit the tastes and requirements of the designers.


Contains – Natural mineral lime

Colour – See Product Catalogues

Viscosity – 2000 – 3500cps @250C

Specific Gravity – 1.5 – 1.7kg/L

VOC – 48g/L

Drying Time – 6 – 8 hours

Touch Dry – 1-2 hours

Recoatability – 6-12 hours

Pencil Hardness – 5H

Dilution – Water

Plain coloured, very smooth with a good sheet. The material is fine marble dust that is applied in a paste form, can be applied up to 3 layers.

Use larger marble aggregate and is therefore much tougher. Can be blended with various pigments to create almost any colour. It provides a finish with a porous, line effect that recalls the typical look of travertine marble.

Rugged and more visible grain effect or a less polished surface to create and feel honed limestone. It is effective when used to create the appearance of monolithic natural stone.