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linol art

MAS LINOL ART is a water-based and transpiring decorative paint with particular and beautiful satined, antique and classic effect. Easy application and a wide range of colours help to redecorate houses, villas, shops, flats into sophisticated and exceptional scenery of renaissance palaces. This product is created to give new decorative solutions for interiors in order to make your environment unique for its refined elegance.


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linol art

Best applied for interior and exterior masonry walls, gypsum, concrete and mineral surfaces.

Appearance – As per catalogue

Specific Weight – 1.00 kg/L

Dilution – Ready to use (you can add 5% if needed)

Coverage – 5 – 6 m2/L

VOC – 45 g/L

Drying time – 3 – 4 hours at 200C

Application temperature – 50C – 300C

Resistance – Good resistance for abrasion once hardened.

Washability – Good after hardened using water and normal detergent.

Stability – Approximately one (1) year min. into the packaging.

New Concrete:

  • The surface must be clean, structurally sound, and free from all contaminant including curing compounds, form release agent, dust, dirt, oil, old coatings, and paint.

  • New concrete and masonry surfaces should be cured for at least 28 days. Provide an absorptive surface on all substrates including smooth precast or formed concrete.

  • The moisture content of the concrete should be below 4 % by weight.

  • All laitance must be removed prior to the next step in surface preparation.

  • Remove form marks and other protrusions.

  • Ensure that the surface is fully dry prior to the application of the corresponding primer and subsequent coating.

Old Concrete:

  • Old concrete should be clean and in good state. Cracks, holes and other irregularities should be filled in.
  • All blistered, cracks and peeled-off paints should be removed either by grit blasting, mechanical sanding or paint stripper.

  • Penetrated paint must be cleaned and treated with ammonia solution.

  • Glossy finish coat must be sanded.

  • Oils and greases are best removed by steam cleaning in conjunction with a detergent solution. Thorough scrubbing with hot caustic solutions will also remove mineral oils and greases.

Old Wood, Old Iron:

  • Previously painted with alkyds and P.U paints.

  • Remove grease from the surface and sand well.

  • Smoothen with 280-300 grit sandpaper to facilitate the adhesion of the subsequent primer.

New Iron:

  • Smoothen the surface with sandpaper.

  • Remove traces of oil, grease and other contaminants and apply one (1) coat of Standard Deruster.

  • Apply one (1) coat of anti-corrosive primer to protect the surface from rust.

Please ensure that the surface is properly prepared with the application of MAS Masonry AR Primer as an impregnating sealer to protect the concrete from the efflorescence, MAS PVS wall filler (if necessary, to even up surface irregularities.) and Mascryl (as specified) as an intermediate coat prior to the application of MAS LINOL ART. It is imperative to ensure that the surface to be coated should be free from other contaminants, oil, grease and concrete laitance.

Ensure that the surface is fully dry, clean and free from any contaminants. Apply Mascryl (specified colour) using the special brush and keep it dry. Apply MAS LINOL ART with a stainless steel trowel, using uneven stroke between 15-30cm. long in all directions, leaving a thin and irregular layer of the product on the surface. After 5-6 hours, apply the second coat, using the same method as for the first coat. Wait for approximately 1 hour and smoothen the coated surface with the same trowel horizontally and vertically for about 15-20cm. long in all directions with a small amount of pressure to achieve a crushed and small particle thus creating a classical chromatic effect.

Brush + Spatula:
This classic effect can also be achieved by applying MAS LINOL ART with a suitable brush in all directions for about 8-12cm. long moving from the right to left and vice versa and from bottom to top and vice versa, leaving a thin layer of the product, which is more or less uneven. Let it dry for 20 minutes, smoothen the coated surface with a stainless steel trowel, moving in all directions.
After 5 – 6 hours, apply the second coat of MAS LINOL ART with the brush, with the same method as the first coat.
When the product is applied outdoors, please ensure that the coating is fully dry prior to the application of MAS Protect as a protective coating.

  • Toner Pearl
  • Premeasured colourant to get required colours